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Nutridian, a group known for its innovative products and services, brings aesthetic and simple, environment friendly, organic health products for livestock and companion animals. Our concepts provide products and services with a genuine concern to provide more and more natural nutraceuticals that prove their worth, by doubtless performance .

Led by a band of highly qualified experts in the field of Animal health who possess more than 20 years of international experience, the group have developed novel concepts which have not only proved its worth in the field for their performance but eventually have made livestock farming profitable.


Nutridian offers huge priority to the transfer of Technical knowledge.
With the noble, worldwide movement towards the use of lesser and lesser antibiotics in animal feed, Quadragen the pioneers in the development of Chlorohydroxyquinoline, bring to the industry a unique solution in this endeavor.
Our other services for the Poultry industry: Extension services, including transfer of technology and knowledge from lab to the farm is a priority. Customization of Poultry premixes, Nutraceuticals and Supplements are some of the services extended from our technical department.


Poultry and Swine

Our poultry and swine range includes unique products aimed at poultry health and ensuring profitable farming. From the goodness of essential oils to the options of non antibiotic growth promoters, Nutridian delivers solutions for good health to the consumer and introduces safe management practices. Click here for latest products and services.


Pets are an important facet of our social lives. Adopting safe methods to enhance the aesthetic aura of your pets, Nutridian brings a blooming array of unique products to enhance this essential aspect of the lives of your trusted companions. Click here for latest products and services.


The Dairy industry provides families with nutrition all year round. At Nutridian, we believe, dairy animal health can now take a new turn with reliable products and good management practices. High milk production following the age old concepts of nature friendly, but technologically sound supplements are the requirements of today... we all have it here. Click here

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